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Israel 2012

  • Animal
    This is what the animals did they jumped on the roof of cars to get some nice leafs of the trees
  • Indians Bethlehem
    On our way to Bethlehem we connected with some Hindu Indians
  • Coffee Bethlehem
    Bre and Kim trying some real authentic smoked coffee on the streets of Bethlehem
  • Bre Kim Dead Sea
    Bre and Kim took a float on the Dead Sea
  • Desert Dead Sea
    In the desert near the Dead Sea
  • Jerusalem in the morning
    Jerusalem Old City in the morning from the prayer house we stayed in
  • Korean Prayer House
    We visited the Korean Prayer House near Jerusalem
  • Team at Qumran
    We visited the old caves of Qumran where they found the Isaiah Scrolls
  • Hanukkah Western Wall 01
    Hanukkah at the Western Wall
  • Hanukkah Western Wall
    Hanukkah at the Western Wall
  • threepack_square