Israel Is Amazing – Video 2012

We went to Israel December 2012 and this little video captures some parts of our impressions and the great time we had.

Israel 2012


This is what the animals did they jumped on the roof of cars to get some nice leafs of the trees

Indians Bethlehem

On our way to Bethlehem we connected with some Hindu Indians

Coffee Bethlehem

Bre and Kim trying some real authentic smoked coffee on the streets of Bethlehem

Bre Kim Dead Sea

Bre and Kim took a float on the Dead Sea

Desert Dead Sea

In the desert near the Dead Sea

Jerusalem in the morning

Jerusalem Old City in the morning from the prayer house we stayed in

Korean Prayer House near Jerusalem

We visited the Korean Prayer House near Jerusalem

Team at Qumran

We visited the old caves of Qumran where they found the Isaiah Scrolls

Hanukkah Western Wall 01

Hanukkah at the Western Wall

Hanukkah Western Wall

Hanukkah at the Western Wall