Brasov Romania

Romania – October 2014 – ToTheStreets International

Brasov Romania

The city of Brasov in Romania.

Brasov Romania outreach

Johnny and Jessy reaching out to students from Brasov.

Jessy talking to girl

Jessy talking to a girl about Jesus.

Sharing the gospel

Mark, Elvira and Karl sharing the gospel with romanians.

Sharing the good news

Bre sharing the gospel with people on the street.

Mormon missionary

Thilo and Kim talking to a Mormon missionary.

Communion Brasov

After the outreach we celebrated communion in Brasov.

Student University

Mark and Johnny meeting a student from Brasov University.

Brasov University

Kim and Elvira at Brasov University.

Market Brasov

The team at the market in Brasov.

Kim church

Kim and members of a church in Brasov with the prophetic postcards.

Team in church

The team and church in Brasov.

Romania – October 2014 – ToTheStreets International