Thilo Studio 2015 // TTSi

Worship Album & Marathon // BELARUS MAY 2015

It is no small undertaking to record an album, with a completely new band, in a month. If it were not for the remarkable talent of all the musicians involved, this project would have been a wash. We actually walked into the whole “record an album” situation with very little information about how it would all work out. Upon arrival, we discovered that Pastor Peter, who invited us, has two very talented sons, Vik and Jan. Vik is a drummer and a sound engineer while Jan is a pianist and vocalist. Both young men have an excellent ear and both were very enthusiastic about working on Thilo’s album. Vik was the head of the project. He was a very good manager, always keeping everyone on task and (mostly) on time. A third musician was brought in to play the base. He was also tremendously talented and learned the songs in a flash. The guys spent one week recording demos and writing piano, bass and drum lines for them. Then they spent one week practicing the songs.

Studio Band Belarus 2015

The Band: Vik – Drums, Yan – Piano, German – Bass, Bre – Vocals and Thilo – Guitar and Vocals

And finally one quick week in the studio, recording. Two of the best sound engineers in Belarus did the actual recording. Bre was honored to sing background vocals on several of the songs. The experience of recording was both challenging and exciting. As we speak, Vik is working hard on the post-production and we are all waiting with baited breathe to hear the final product! The album will be released in autumn this year. Needless to say, we are all extremely excited about the whole thing!

Worship Marathon 2015 Belarus

Worship Marathon 2015 Belarus

Thilo and Bre took an hour slot in the twice yearly worship marathon, that is organized by Christ for the Nations. They had a whole band with them for their hour slot. Hundreds were blessed by the worship and we were honored to worship with so many on-fire Belarusians.

Belarus 2014

When we went to Belarus Thilo was given a lot of chances to play his songs to smaller and bigger crowds. We had the chance to experience a wonderful openness and friendliness coming from the people. We were so blessed that we could go and see with our own eyes how God is moving in that country.