More than anything we need your prayers for

  • Israel. Most importantly pray for the peace and Gods
    providence for Jerusalem & the rest of the country.
  • Protection on our journeys throughout the world.
  • Provision to get where the Lord wants us to be.
  • Unity and Peace as a family and a ministry, as we
    are constantly attacked by Satan while being out
    in the battle field for the Lord.
  • Wisdom for how God wants us to reach the lost in each
    different country, city and village we pass through.
  • Gods Will to be done in our ministry and personal lives.

Thank you so much, we appreciate your prayers for us and encourage you to tell your friends, churches and smallgroups as well as prayer groups to intercede with and for us.

If you want can please encourage us every now and then and just leave us a little note that you have been thinking of us and been praying.